E-Bike rides

E-biking through Upper Bavaria

Whether it’s Tölzer Land, Chiemsee, Berchtesgadener Land or Erding; elevation gain or kilometres with an e-bike no mountain is too high and no path too far. Thanks to e-bikes it’s easy to discover the hilly landscape of Upper Bavaria without any effort. Simply rent an e-bike at your destination and set off on your bike.

Through Erdinger Holzland

The Erding region offers many different e-bike routes through various landscapes. Cycle through the Erdinger Holzland (woody area) easily on your e-bike. The tour starts in the centre of Erding along the Erdinger Moor through hilly landscape until you reach the western foothills of the Erdinger Holzland. On your way enjoy the cool water of the largest lake for swimming in the region, the Kronthaler Weiher.

Long distance e-bike tour: a relaxed tour from Lenggries to the Jachenau

Hairpin bends, beer gardens, monasteries and lakeland scenery. West of the River Isar you can head on the ridgeway path to the idyllic village of Wackersberg: located on a ridge and with the Alps in the background e-cyclists can cycle through the typical Upper Bavarian scenery at the beginning of the tour. Via Bad Heilbrunn the cycle path runs parallel to the main road until you reach Benediktbeuern. The brewpub at the monastery or the beer garden invites you to take a break and to have a look in the monastery church. After your break carry on past Lake Kochelsee until you reach the Kesselberg. With an e-bike it’s no problem! The normally tiring hairpin bends can be conquered easily on an e-bike. After you’re reached the top of the pass you can enjoy the view of Lake Walchensee. Via Sachenbach, the film location for “Vicky and the strong men” the route leads you into the beautiful Jachenau valley.

Three days, three lakes: E-Bike tour from Alpine meadows to Whisky tasting

Discover Upper Bavaria’s cycle routes on your e-bike: lush green mountain meadows, hearty delicacies and fine wines accompany you on the route through the Tegernsee valley. Start in Bayrischzell on gravel tracks through the forest, along the banks of the rushing Leitzach river and past lush green meadows e-cyclists reach their first destination: the village of Spitzingsee at the lakeside. After the batteries for your bike have been re-charged and the rider has recuperated over night the second day trip heads off towards Tegernsee. On the way there e-cyclists can enjoy the great views of the Grünanger and pass by Forsthaus Valepp and small peaceful villages. Once you arrive in Tegernsee the Herzogliche Bräustüberl (brewpub) will reward your efforts with delicious Upper Bavarian delicacies and fresh draft beer. After all that food in the Bräustüberl then take a room for the night in one of the local accommodation options in the town. On the third and last day the cycle path for this circular route takes you along the eastern shores of Lake Tegernsee until you reach Gmund Seeglas. Follow the river Schlierach towards the east until you reach Schliersee, the third lake and destination on this route. After the three day mountainous route you can enjoy and relax in the Monte Mare sauna and wellness world. A visit to the Schlierseer Slyrs whisky distillery including whisky and liquor tasting is the excellent finale before you make your leisurely way back to Bayrischzell.

E-Power around the “Bavarian Sea”

55 kilometres around 80 square kilometres of lake: the Chiemsee cycle path leads you round gravel tracks, tarmacced cycle paths and quiet side roads around Germany’s second biggest inland lake. With lots of places to stop for refreshments, have a dip or stop and relax: all these things are just waiting to be discovered on your e-bike. Why not park your e-bike at one of the jetties and take a trip to one of the islands either the famous Herreninsel with the Herrenchiemsee Palace or onto the Fraueninsel? This route is recommended for leisurely cyclists and families. With gentle inclines and hardly any climbing to be done, it’s easy to cycle around on your e-bike. This means you’ve got more energy left to enjoy the beautiful Alpine panorama that stretches out in front of the lake.


Sonnenuntergang bei Felden, Chiemsee
Sonnenuntergangg am Chiemsee
Gstadt am Chiemsee
Radln bei Bad Tölz
Radln durch den Landkreis Erding
Mit dem E-Bike durchs Tölzer Land
3 Tage 3 Seen, Alpenregion Tegernsee Schliersee



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