Size: approx. 800 square kilometres

Towns: Landsberg am Lech (28,700 inhabitants), Dießen (10,300 inhabitants)

Lake: Ammersee

Highlights: Old town of Landsberg am Lech, hiking paths (Lech Erlebnisweg) and bike rides (on the ”Romantic Road”) along the River Lech


In the wonderful countryside between the River Lech and Lake Ammersee, the Lechrain with the magnificent Alpine panorama in your sights every visitor gets a special attitude to life, one that encourages you to want to discover the countryside. There are more than enough destinations between Lake Ammersee and the Lech valley. In the romantic town of Landsberg am Lech tradition and vibrant everyday life come together. The wonderful old town with its artistic treasures is well-cared for with expertise and love; and its interesting modern buildings enhance the medieval townscape. Almost 300 kilometres of very good cycle paths open up the region for cyclists, which is crossed by the famous “Romantic Road” as well as the Via Claudia Augusta from north to south. The route also leads a little bit further south to the “suffering virgin Mary” in Vilgertshofen. The pilgrim church with the rich coving and pargeting and the cruciform central unit is one the most important church buildings in Lechrain.



Dießen: “My second home“

Soon after the end of the war, to get away from the debris and heaps of rubble, I cycled with two friends to Lake Ammersee, the peaceful water was caressed by the August sun and in the distance the majestic Alps rose up in the distance. We had a hearty snack on uprooted trees. This was made up of bread thinly spread with margarine and a cool malt coffee in a beer bottle, carefully wrapped in newspaper by dad to keep it cool. From then on the Ammersee was a steady reference point in my life. I have been living in Dießen on the south-west shores as well as in Munich for many years now.

My garden is ruled by a giant weeping willow, whose long branches form a cupola. There’s no better place to dream away an afternoon than under its green heaven. At the weekend I like to visit the Dießener Taubenturm, the tower right next to the magnificent Baroque cathedral, Marienmünster. Today the old tower is a place for alternating exhibitions and once you’ve climbed it you’ll get a splendid view of Dießen and over Lake Ammersee. The lake always reminds me of the sailing boat “Mooskuh”, which as a group of young Munich artists owned at the beginning of the sixties. We painted green cow splodges on the ship’s sides; the bow was decorated with a portrait of a cow head on both sides. The ladies were wearing flowery long dresses and plaited sweeping hats, the men sailor suits, frock coats with drainpipe trousers and a “coke” on our heads, also known as a melon, or a circular saw, a cheeky straw hat. This was how we set sail, with music. And we became one of the big attractions on Lake Ammersee.

Away from the lake there’s also a lot to discover in Dießen. The Wirtshaus am Kirchsteig is for me one of the most original in the town. It doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting indoors, in the beer garden, in the “Kirchsteig” you can eat fine and hearty meals and the waitresses I’ve taken into my heart due to their quick-wittedness. In winter there’s even a cabaret. Lots of artists live in Dießen. The Keramikweg leads you past the different pottery studios, from the mooring areas, a large pottery market is always held here on Ascension Day, through the Herrenstraße and then the Kirchsteig. On the way you’ll discover other artists’ studios, such as the tin cottage industry in the Herrenstraße. A good excursion will lead you roughly 30 kilometres to the north; enchanted in the woods is the Jexhof, a farmhouse museum. A long time ago in the dark ages it was a meeting point for bands of robbers. As a visitor you are taken back more than 100 years to the times of flail and butter churn, spinning wheel and Backhaus. There are loads of animals and children and also a traditional brewpub. Just like in an illustrated book.

Source: Merian Oberbayern

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