District: Altötting

Inhabitants: 18.259

Highlights: world’s longest castle, jazz festival

Information: www.burghausen.de

MERIAN report about the castle of records:

A journey back in time to the Middle Ages: Burghausen’s town museum in the Kemenate of the castle opens its new permanent exhibition in summer 2016 about the history of the castle and the town. In the early Middle Ages there was an emperor’s court on the narrow mountain ridge between the Salzach and Lake Wöhrsee, which the Earls of Burghausen extended from 1027. In 1180 the fortress fell to the Wittelsbacher, but only after the separation of the state in 1255 did Duke Henry XIII make this his second home. In the meantime Burghausen had acquired its rights to become a town and it became even more important as a toll and market place. The salt trade brought the city lots of riches, so that the Dukes could extend their castle even more. Today the main castle and its five courtyards measure more than 1,000 metres long; the Guinness book of records has recorded the castle complex as the “longest castle in the world”. You can discover it on your own or on one of the guided tours in the footsteps of the guards or via “secret passages” through the castle’s cellars and the treasure chambers.

Source: MERIAN Oberbayern


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20.02.2019 | 10:29 Uhr

Schöner Bericht von Lillies Diary - mit den 4 "B"s und noch viel mehr: Burg, Plätte, Bichl, Peeling 😀...

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19.02.2019 | 12:02 Uhr

Wer die Sendung "Heimat der Rekorde" gestern verpasst hat - in der Mediathek des BR - Bayerischer Rundfunk kann man sich den...

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18.02.2019 | 08:31 Uhr

"Heimat der Rekorde" - da darf Burghausen natürlich nicht fehlen! 🏰🏰🏰 Heute Abend um 20.15 Uhr wird die nächste Folge der...

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16.02.2019 | 16:23 Uhr

Die Eissaison ist eröffnet! ☀️🍧🍨🍦☀️

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15.02.2019 | 13:24 Uhr

Raus in die Sonne 🌞🌞🌞 raus in die Natur 🎋🌾🍃 Wo treibt ihr euch heute bei diesem traumhaften Wetter rum?

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