Ebersberg: green countryside


Region: Ebersberg

Size: 549.62 square kilometres

Inhabitants: 137,421

Towns: Ebersberg, Grafing

Information: www.tourismus-ebersberg.de

Ebersberg: when nature, sustainability and Bavarian tradition become a place for your soul to rest and relax. Inhale the smell of moss and wood on the winding narrow paths through the woods or observe the breeding water birds at one of the glistening ponds, make it easy to bring your body, spirit and soul into harmony but make it even more difficult to say goodbye.

The viewing tower

The characteristic viewing tower is on the Ludwigshöhe in Ebersberg. Whoever climbs it is rewarded with a stunning view of Munich and the Alpine foothills. Discover which summits you are looking at by taking a look at the engraved mountain backdrop on the parapet to see which peaks are sticking up in the distance.


A town at the crossover point of both long distance cycle paths, the Isar-Inn and Sempt-Mangfall. The Baroque market place, stately houses and Grafing’s churches are nestling in the gently rolling Alpine foothills.

Fascinating insight into the forest habitat

With its 90 square kilometres the Ebersberg Forest is one of the largest wooded areas in Central Europe. On the forest discovery path and in the museum forest and environment the employees open the Ebersberg Forest like a living biology book. Naturally you can also discover the forest on your own. But some secrets will only be revealed by the woods, when they are tracked by a professional. In this huge adventure playground nature lovers and young explorers can go stalking in the woods, discover rare plants and with a little bit of luck meet and see some shy animals, which you normally only know from television. For cyclists on the Sempt-Mangfall path, you can cycle through the impressive forest and stop for a bite to eat at Forsthaus Huber.


Wirtschaftsförderung, Regionalmanagement im Landratsamt Ebersberg

Eichthalstraße 5

D-85560 Ebersberg

Tel.: +49 (0) 8092 82 31 14

Web: www.tourismus-ebersberg.de