Erding: town and region

Erding: where there are the best conditions for swimming and relaxing at any time of year. The Thermal Spa Erding and the Erdinger Weißbier (wheat beer) are well-known far outside the country’s borders. Only very few people know that more than 100 wonderful churches, numerous fairy-tale castles, the oldest Bavarian farmhouse and countless legends are at home in the Erding region. And that’s what makes Erding so special: it’s got a lot more to offer than you might think.

Soul-searching and holy silence

More than 100 churches characterise the Erding region. Whoever takes the time will discover that the sometimes centuries old walls are guarding special treasures: peace, silence and security. One way of discovering some of the special churches yourself is the Castle cycle path. Four castles and numerous churches are situated on the left and right of the 49 kilometre long cycle path: for example the churches in Maria Thalheim and Hörgersdorf or the church in Oppolding. A good overview including descriptions of the churches and their holy legends can be found in the brochure Experience and discover: out and about around Erding. (Only available in German).

Farmhouse museum

In 13 relocated farmhouses, now listed buildings, from the region you can experience the agricultural economy and way of life from the 18th and 19th century. The oldest building is from 1581. Every Friday between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. the farmers from the region bring their home-grown produce to the Erding farmhouse museum to sell it in the market place.

Gateway: Schöner Turm in Erding

The splendid gateway “Schöner Turm” rises up into the Erding skyline and characterises the unmistakable backdrop of the town. The last preserved gateway from the late Gothic period was badly damaged during the Thirty Years War, which is why since 1664 it has a spherical cupola roof. Inside the tower the visitors will get a tasty surprise: on three twisty floors Bavarian delicacies are served in the restaurant of the tower in the background of the Erding old town.

Best swimming weather and summer all year round

There is an 180,000 square metre location in Erding where palm trees grow and a constant warm water temperature. It’s the largest thermal spa in the world, where you’ll easily forget which area in the water and sauna world you’re in.

Experience Erdinger wheat beer

Whoever wants to take a glimpse inside the home of the famous beer star then the brewery offers exciting guided tours. Ask the brewer personally what he adds to the beer or take a quiet still look over his shoulder whilst he’s working. Whatever you wanted to know about the Erding wheat beer, you’ll find the answer here. Naturally beer tasting is also part of the programme.

Landratsamt Erding

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D-85435 Erding

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