Fürstenfeldbruck city


District: Fürstenfeldbruck

Inhabitants: 35,7008

Area: 32.53 square kilometres

Information: www.fuerstenfeldbruck.de

The Fürstenfeldbruck an der Amper district is rich in sights to see: the former monastery Fürstenfeld, the town centre of Bruck, the magnificent Baroque abbey, the Asam brothers. Thanks to its cultural treasures the town with its 900 year old history can be felt everywhere. Fürstenfeldbruck also has a lot of culture on offer. In the event forum Fürstenfeld, the cultural atelier Haus 10, the New Stage Bruck and the Kunsthaus local and international artists enthrall their visitors.

Beautiful Remorse

According to the legend as Louis II Duke of Bavaria was on his military expedition in 1256 a letter from his wife to the Master of Horses fell into his hands. In this letter she offered him the personalised trusted “Du” form. Louis suspected her infidelity, rode home and had Maria beheaded a deed which he soon regretted. As atonement, by order of the Pope, he commissioned the construction of an abbey on the “Field of the Count”; the church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. After it was destroyed in the Thirty Years War in 1691 they started building today’s Baroque church. The picture at the main altar is an impressive one showing Assumption Day.

Große Kreisstadt Fürstenfeldbruck - Tourismus

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D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck

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