Size: approx. 1,400 square kilometres

Towns: Waldkraiburg (22,700 inhabitants), Mühldorf (18,300 inhabitants), Burghausen (17,800 inhabitants), Altötting (12,600 inhabitants)

Rivers: Inn, Salzach

Highlights: Castle in Burghausen, Pilgrim’s chapel in Altötting


Two large rivers, a mighty building from the Middle Ages: the longest castle in the world thrones high above the River Salzach in Burghausen.

The Inn-Salzach region is named after the two rivers the Inn and the Salzach which were the most important trade routes in Europe for centuries. This important past has left its legacy even till today. Whoever travels through the region will find unique sights in one of the oldest parts of Bavaria. The beautiful town of Haag in Oberbayern, a good forty kilometres east of Munich, is the gateway to the holiday region which stretches to the German-Austrian border. Some of the tourist attractions are the longest castle in the world in Burghausen, the pilgrimage church and town of Altötting and the traditional trading town of Mühldorf in classical Inn-Salzach architecture. Numerous cycle (touring) routes along the Inn and Salzach, the European conservation area “Lower Inn”, abbeys and museums, golf courses, sightseeing destinations and events in the 55 towns ensure a great deal of variety all year round. Small craftsmanship breweries, well-known star chefs and organic manufacturers make the region a gastronomic delight.

Cycle path: the most beautiful part of the River Inn

Connoisseurs take a short cut: actually the Inn cycle route is 500 kilometres from the source in the Engadin, Switzerland to the delta into the Danube in Passau. Lots of people choose the especially beautiful part of it through the Inn-Salzach region. The starting point is Gars am Inn: here it’s especially worth visiting the abbey with its early Baroque church. From Jettenbach be sure to take the route via Kraiburg, where in the market place you can see and admire the especially beautiful Inn-Salzach houses with the pastel coloured, ornately decorated imitation facades. You can also find this style in the old town of Mühldorf, especially impressive is the town hall which was rebuilt after the fire in 1640. Now you need to decide: the shorter route starts here along the Inn towards Perach and Marktl to the Austrian border. The other route is slightly longer via Tüßling to the pilgrim’s town of Altötting. Save some time for the ornately decorated churches around the Kapellplatz and especially for the Gnadenkapelle, the chapel with the Black Madonna. Via Burghausen the route takes you along the Salzach to the Austrian town of Braunau just after the Salzach flows into the Inn.

Source: MERIAN Oberbayern



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