Freising Region

Where the attitude towards life is right

Narrow streets and squares decorated with roses, small cafés and quaint beer gardens: the town of Freising on the Isar will enchant you again and again. Impressive Baroque and beautiful Rococo buildings are evidence of the prosperity in the past and at the same time underline the high standard of living in the University town north of Munich. High above the "Old Bürger", where the attitude of life is right, Bavarian charm, Mediterranean flair, lots of tradition and beautiful nature, you’re guaranteed to relax in and around Freising. Among other things the magnificent Baroque interior by the Asam brothers is definitely worth seeing.

The scientific centre of the town is formed by the Weihenstephan Campus. Only a little further away the oldest brewery in the world and the flowering garden displays of the University. Whoever’s had enough of the town and culture can ride out into the surrounding areas. For example the Isar-Auwald with its Isar cycle path or along the banks of the Ammer-Amper cycle path. Holidaymakers can walk, go cycling or simply just enjoy the peace and quiet in these beautiful riverscapes. Our recommendation: stop for a break in the small town of Moosburg you definitely have to visit the late Gothic Leinberger Altar in the Kastulus Abbey. One thing you certainly shouldn’t miss out on in and around Freising is the beer. As water, hops, barley and yeast have influenced tradition and the way of life. The Hallertau is the largest connected hop growing region in the world. The supplier of the key ingredients is celebrated in high spirits at many of the festivals every year.

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Freising Cathedral

If you walk out of the old town onto the Domberg then it gets much quieter both inside and out. At the top you reach a special place on earth, where the vintage building stretches up towards heaven. Inside the stuccos by the Asam brothers tell the legends of Holy Corbinian, the first bishop of Freising. Joseph Ratzinger, the retired Pope Benedict XVI, studied in Freising and was ordained as a priest in the cathedral here.


Once a model farm, built for King Max I. Joseph for his valuable herd of Merino sheep, today it’s a centre for Contemporary Art: the Schafhof – European Artists House in Upper Bavaria.

Inspiration for your own garden

Off to the vegetable plot! On the tour of the allotments through the Weihenstephaner gardens participants will learn about old and new types of vegetables and find out the best way to plant them and look after them.

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