Fürstenfeldbruck region

Fürstenfeldbruck: stroll through the magnificent Baroque buildings and immerse yourself in life like 100 years ago. A walk over the Amper Bridge surrounded by dignified meadows is like a crossover point between two worlds: the bridge links the Baroque Fürstenfeld Abbey and the historical town centre to each other. Outside the town there’s lots of exciting history waiting to be discovered as well and if you want, you can immerse yourself in history.

The Fürstenfeld Abbey area

The Cistercian Monastery was built in 1256, as atonement from the Bavarian Duke Ludwig II “the strict one”, who had his wife Maria from Brabant beheaded for alleged infidelity. Especially the heart of the area, the monumental Baroque church which was designed by Antonio Viscardi and shaped by the Asam brothers, with its soft pastel shades, the shimmering gold leaf and the lavish interior design, is Baroque architecture certainly worth seeing.

Life like 100 years ago

How about a short journey back in time? For example back to life on a farmhouse about 100 years ago? In the middle of a forest clearing in Schöngeising it’s possible. There you’ll find the Jexhof farmhouse museum where visitors can explore the Hofl and can pitch in and help.

One of the last mills in Bavaria

The Furthmühle near Egenhofen is the last operational flour mill in the Fürstenfeldbruck district. An impressive engineering monument with a museum, mill and café.


Im Rathaus

Hauptstr. 31

D-82256 Fürstenfeldbruck