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The more than 160 churches and abbeys between the River Lech and Loisach have given the Pfaffenwinkel its name. In the heart of the green meadows in front of the Ammergauer Mountains the pilgrim’s Wies Church of the Scourged Saviour is stunning as it’s the only UNESCO world heritage site in Bavaria with an impressive interaction of architecture, light and the finest Rococo features. The best overview of the “holy landscape” can be had from the Hohe Peißenberg, in the heart of the Pfaffenwinkel. Walkers can enjoy the panoramic views from the Alps in the south, over the lakes Ammersee and Starnberger See and nearly to the Bavarian capital of Munich. Bavaria’s most beautiful geotope, the Osterseen, are the lakes virtually at the bottom of the Alps. These 20 moor lakes, south of Lake Starnberg; shape the natural unspoilt scenery of woodland and meadows. The Hohe Peißenberg is also the starting point for three wonderful multi-day hikes. The pilgrim’s hiking paths “Holy landscape Pfaffenwinkel” run amongst others along the adventurous banks of the River Lech.

MERIAN reports about "Rococo for the Saviour"

From the heart of the country the Wies church rises up in front of the Alpine panorama. That it stands here is thanks to a supposed miracle and the Steingaden Abbey. In 1738 the farmer’s wife Maria Lori discovered on the statue of the castigated saviour what she believed to be tears. The first pilgrims came quickly the abbey financed a church, which was finished in lavish Rococo style. From the outside the pilgrim’s church of the castigated saviour on the Wies seems comparatively modest, but inside the visitors can expect a rush of colours, gold and stucco. From 1803 it should have been demolished due to the secularisation, but farmers from the region fought to preserve it with success. The next low point was in 1833 when the pilgrim’s priest had all votive panels removed from the church’s walls, many pilgrims enraged by this didn’t visit it to begin with. But today the church is shining in new splendour and it was inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1983.

Source: MERIAN Oberbayern


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