State capital Munich

It’s the mixture of cosmopolitan attitude and tradition which makes Munich so attractive from guests all over the world. More than 50 museums invite you to enjoy art and culture. The possibilities for sports and shopping are as diverse as the culinary offering. Under chestnut trees in one of the many beautiful beer gardens in Munich enthralled guests can take part in the Munich joie de vivre. An excellent public transports system will take you quickly to any destination. Thanks to the many green oases in the city it offers lots of recreational opportunities and the possibility to relax nearby. The Dults, Oktoberfest and the Christmas markets bring locals and visitors closer together, as the locals in Munich like to celebrate with their guests!

To the Lions

Tierpark Hellabrunn was one of the first zoos to keep their inhabitants in semi-natural enclosures. This tradition is even true today: the lions and other wild cats can stroll through a jungle, a big 10,000m² savannah has recently been added for giraffes and there is a new jungle house for the great apes as well.

To the car of the future

Old timers and visions for the future are right next to each other: in the BMW World the company shows the latest developments and in the museum you can walk through more than 90 years of automobile history.

To FC Bayern Munich

At a home game of the FC Bayern Munich up to 75,000 fans can cheer and spur both teams on. But even on days where there are no games it’s worth taking one of the guided tours through the Allianz Arena.

Through the English Garden

Getting here can’t get better than this: you can run, cycle or skate directly from the city centre roughly 7 km through the English Garden, to get to the beer garden “Aumeister” along the banks of the Isar. With an area of 375 hectares this is one of the largest parks in the world. Beer, Obazda, a creamy Bavarian cheese mix, and fresh pretzels will give you energy for the way back.

To the film stars

Go to the Bullyversum (photo), an indoor world about the Michael Bully Herbigs films and the village backdrop from “Vicky and the strong men”. Or see the big-eyed good luck dragon Fuchur from the “Never ending story.” In the Bavarian Filmstadt Grünwald you can walk through the original sets and backdrops.

To Bruno the brown bear

There are supposedly visitors who only come to the natural history museum (Museum Mensch und Natur) just to look at Bruno, the stuffed “problem bear”. Nature is explained clearly here by lots of stuffed animals and experiments. Outside the large Nymphenburg Castle the park stretches over 180 hectares with canals, lakes, small palaces and picnic places.

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