Tölzer Land


Size: approx. 1,100 square kilometres

Towns: Bad Tölz (18,700 inhabitants), Wolfratshausen (18,500 inhabitants)

Lakes: Kochelsee, Walchensee, Starnberger See (south eastern shore)

Highlights: Benediktbeuern Monastery, Tours in the Karwendel mountains, Leonhardifahrt

Information: www.toelzer-land.de, www.bad-toelz.de


The Tölzer Land stretches south of Munich between the Rivers Isar and Loisach. Characterised by mountains and lakes, small towns and villages, health and sport the region entices with its special herbal adventures. With wild herb guided tours, in the herbal and meditations gardens in Bad Heilbrunn or in the herb experience park full of herbs, there’s everything from wild herbs to weeds.

The Walchensee is Germany’s largest mountain lake and entices you to go swimming in summer and to go hiking in winter. The great poet Goethe also found his inspiration here. The lake was the film set for “Vicky the Viking and the strong men” twice as well. The high pressure pipelines of the Walchensee power station connect the lakes Walchensee with the Kochelsee which lies 200 metres lower. In the flat Alpine foothills it offers hikers views of the lake with the Alpine backdrop and is the starting point for long bike rides; whether they are challenging rides up and down the mountains or leisurely ones along the Isar and Loisach valleys. Long distance cycle routes such as the Munich – Venice route or the Bodensee (Lake Constance) – Königssee cycle route pass through the Tölzer Land region.

Isar by raft: go with the flow

As early as the 12th century timber was cleared, tied and floated down the river towards Munich as rafts via Bad Tölz and Wolfratshausen. As a means of transport it was later replaced by railways and ships. And the 18m long rafts have been used for excursions since 1903. The three suppliers are the descendants of the old rafts men families.

Up the mountain...

... on foot

Below you Lake Walchensee, behind it the Karwendel mountain range: from the Seppenbauernhof (farmhouse) in Sachenbach there’s a path to the Jocheralm with magnificent views. The ascent is also manageable for children.


...by bike

Beginners should learn how to keep their balance on the practice circuit in the bike park in Lenggries, before they venture onto one of the seven more challenging lines. Elevated north shores, steep banked turns as well as jumps are waiting for you.


... by cable car

Whoever doesn’t want to walk three hours from Lenggries to the Stie-Alm hut can shorten it by taking the Brauneck cable car. Then it’s only roughly a half hour walk to the hut where cheese, herb garden and kneipp basin are waiting for you.



Town of Bad Tölz

The turquoise glittering ribbon winding its way through Bad Tölz is the river Isar. The mighty Alps with their often snow-covered peaks rise up in the south. On the right hand side of the river in the picturesque old town the splendid facades with their fresco wall paintings line the Market Street. There are only a few places in Upper Bavaria where they are as varied as here. Lakes, forests, hidden streams and the slopes of the Alpine foothills entice you to do something outdoors in the fresh air. Nature or culture, sport or relaxation: in our climatic health resort with its long tradition of tourism everyone can find something he or she likes and it’s less than an hour away from the provincial capital of Munich.

Baroque and the powerful Bobby

His beat was the well-decorated narrow streets of the Baroque old town as well as the Kalvarienberg nearby. As the “Bobby from Tölz” Ottfried Fischer solved the crimes in the town regularly from 1995 to 2009. The most important port of call for his fans is the “Bulle von Tölz” museum which was opened as a private initiative in 2014. The visitors can look at photos of the actor, leaf through the scripts or sit at the desk of the Chief Inspector Benno Berghammer there.

Quelle: MERIAN Oberbayern

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