Beer gardens at the water’s edge

Relax and enjoy the beer gardens near water

Water is the source of all life and in Upper Bavaria this source is bubbling especially well. Numerous lakes and rivers characterize the landscape and if you can just find a beer garden in Munich or the surrounding area near water then that is Bavarian joie de vivre at its finest.

Zum Untern Wirt (Schöngeising)

In summer when you get into your dinghy in Stegen or Grafrath as a captain of leisure and let yourself float down the Amper, always a gentle breeze and the sun on your face, then that is pure happiness! Getting out at the beer garden “Unter’n Wirt” for a cool beer and an Upper Bavarian delicacy or classic snack is the highlight.

Pe. Es. Kottmeier (Planegg)

At the beer garden from the former Bacherlwirt the Wurm burbles directly next to the outer rows of tables which contribute to the unique Mediterranean touch of this beer garden. Then it’s not surprising that specialities from South Tyrol come out of the kitchen and alongside the beers from Aying, wine and “Spritz” Even with all of this Pe. Es. has still remained a true beer garden, only supplemented with everything that makes the beer garden feeling even more relaxed.



Gut Kaltenbrunn

When Gut Kaltenbrunn was kissed and re-awakened after years of sleep by the delicatessen king Michael Käfer, many thought that this beer garden would once again be reserved for the big-headed. King Max I. Joseph of Bavaria and his "best mate" Alexander I. of Russia and Franz I. of Austria celebrated extravagant celebrations in his royal beer garden and this type of people liked to stay amongst themselves. Maybe they all sat down at a beer garden table and found a solution. Anyway now everyone can enjoy the fantastic Alpine panorama and the stunning view over Lake Tegernsee, with a hearty snack or Bavarian roast pork and good beer.

Gasthof Alte Mühle (Straßlach)

When you are cycling towards the Alte Mühle you can hear the tourists on the rafts screaming as they slide down 365 metres of the river chute at speed. With a smile on your face and the sun on your back it’s easy to pedal the last few metres and as soon as you get there you have the feeling that you didn’t come here by bike but on your time machine. It must have looked, tasted and felt like this more than a hundred years ago when you entered the mill. Definitely one of the most beautiful beer gardens ever, which guarantees you can carry on dreaming or in Bavarian “you’ll definitely be thrilled with it”.



Zollhäusl (Freilassing)

The Zollhäusl is nearly the outpost of traditional Bavarian beer garden culture directly on the border and only separated from Austria by the narrow river Saalach. More than a hundred years ago the brewpub built in art nouveau style was well-known for its Bürgerbräu quaffable beer and the hearty snacks. Then like now guests come from both sides of the Saalach and sit together at the beer tables and can enjoy the real Bavarian beer garden feeling.



Seehaus Schreyeggm (Stegen)

Located directly on the picturesque northern shore of Lake Ammersee the Seehaus Schreyegg places great value on the gourmet and upmarket cuisine in the inn as well as on Bavarian tradition and hospitality. The result is that some people can enjoy the melt in your mouth monkfish medaillons in a frothy saffron sauce on the restaurant terrace whilst the others in the lovely beer garden next door enjoy the taste of their snack they bought or brought with them. To go with this a freshly pulled beer in your hand and it doesn’t matter where you’re sitting you’ve got the same wonderful view of the lake with a fantastic view of the mountains.

Seehof Herrsching

When the red sunset sets over Lake Ammersee near Herrsching, then the Capri-Fischer Bar in the Seehof hotel opens up and when it’s an especially beautiful sunset, then the boss Peter Reichert picks up his trumpet and belts out the popular party song “The Capri Fishermen” towards the lake. A mixed crowd is sitting together comfortably, eating their home-made snacks or barbequed things from the Lava stone, drinking a Hofbräu beer or even a spritzer from the Capri bar. Once the last rays of sunshine sparkle like a thousand diamonds in the lake then it can’t get better than this on Capri.



Lechgarten (Landsberg)

For nearly 700 years the Lechgarten has been nestling outside against Landserg’s old town’s defences and enjoys the day’s last rays of sunshine along the warm wall. The beer garden at the monastery, as the Landsberg defence wall is called, is the only traditional beer garden in Landsberg. Many loyal regular guests appreciate the fact that you can bring your own hearty snack with you, if you want to, in the old Bavarian tradition. Then a cool Andechser beer in your hand the best view of the River Lech sparkling in the evening light, is a pure “beer garden feeling”.



Gasthof Aujäger (Puppling)

The Pupplinger Au with its beautiful fauna and flora is a true paradise for families and recreational athletes. On the white gravel beaches of the untamed River Isar there are always lots of people lying down here soaking up the sun, some of them just in their birthday suit. The Pupplinger Au, a true garden of Eden. In the Gasthof Aujäger beer garden less than 150 m from the Isar beach, then there’s a mixed crowd again. A real hotchpotch of families, rubber dinghy sailors, cyclists, artistic city people and many loyal regulars, who enjoy the end of the beautiful day together.

Tutzinger Biergarten

Outdoors but still protected by the leafy roof of the ancient beech trees you can sit on Tutzing’s shores with a fantastic view of the picturesque lake, the Starnberger See. You can sit here for hours, look at the lake and “meditate” or just simply take in the hustle & bustle going on around you. The locals from Tutzing discuss the problems of everyday life, tourists from all over the world sit next to them, students and pensioners and now and again even a C, B or A category VIP drops by.

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