Kanada-Loipe, Wallgau

Mini Canada in the Isar valley

Canada loipe in Wallgau

The most charming attractions in nature are not those which are just waiting round the next corner for you. That makes them common and uninteresting. But the Canada loipe in the Upper Isar valley is extremely interesting and it’s just waiting to be discovered. But that’s not really that difficult. You need to be able to cross-country ski a little bit and have a sense for the beautiful and pristine countryside between Wallgau and Vorderriss as well as for special stories. Then you can start on the 14 km long route.

Wallgau is the recommended starting point, where you can park and start on the eastern edge of the village on the Isarstraße near to the bridge over the Isar. The first kilometres are pretty moderate. The cross-country ski run follows the banks of the Isar, crosses a few woody passages and it’s easy to follow. The winter landscape stretches out to the right and left. There are no houses, no pubs, no ski lifts here, just lots of snow and mountains. On the right-hand side the snowy and ice-covered peaks of the Karwendel Mountains glisten in the sunlight. The only thing you can hear is the crunching of the snow under the narrow cross-country skis and the rustling of the wind in the trees.

The cross-country ski trail follows the path of the Isar, which meanders through the valley. Only the last kilometres of the trail are a bit sportier and challenging, providing lots of variety with a few humps, ascents or fast descents. At the destination cross over the road towards Hinterriss and then you’ll see the Gasthaus zur Post on the other side. Historical ground: Ludwig Thoma grew up here as a forester’s son, Ludwig II cultivated his love for the mountains here and often stayed overnight in the old forester’s lodge next door. The old traditional rooms with their wooden-panelled walls suit a building with so much history, where once upon a time Arnold Schwarzenegger is meant to have celebrated his engagement. Enjoy a fine but best not too heavy snack, and then it’s time to head back towards Wallgau. Or alternatively you could take the bus service back to Wallgau (bus transfer available on request at the Gasthaus zur Post).

How to get here using public transport

You can take the train from Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Then catch the train from Garmisch towards Mittenwald and get off at the stop in Klais. The ski bus will then take you to the cross-country trail stop at the Finzbrücke in Wallgau.

Alternatively you could take the Flix bus to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Then catch the local bus (RVO 9608) to Wallgau. There you can take the ski bus directly to the loipe, Wallgau-Finzbrücke stop.

More detailed information can be found on the Alpenwelt Karwendel website.

Local car park facilities

Car park at the Isarsteg in Wallgau

Tourenverlauf: Kanada-Loipe, Wallgau

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Kanada-Loipe, Wallgau

Start / Finish: Isarsteg in Wallgau

Length: 13 km one-way

Difference in altitude: 239 Meter

Style: Classic and skating

Website: www.alpenwelt-karwendel.de

Places to eat: Gasthof Post (Vorderriss), Gasthof & Hotel zur Post (Wallgau)

Other Highlights

Gemütlich ankommen zu Sonderkonditionen

Ihr Weg zu uns – hier finden Sie Informationen rund um die Anreise zu den schönsten Flecken Oberbayerns.

Heimelig Sonnenskifahren zum Freundschaftspreis

Außerhalb der Hochsaison und inmitten der ersten wärmenden Strahlen der Frühlingssonne bieten zahlreiche oberbayerische Wintersportorte ein entspanntes und deutlich günstigeres Pistenvergnügen. Auf den Pisten lässt sich die Sonne aktiv und doch in Ruhe genießen. Sonnenstühle auf den Terrassen der urigen Hütten laden zum Einkehrschwung am Nachmittag ein.

Offers & Tips

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