Kloo-Ascher-Loipe, Bayerischzell

Romantic winter near the Wendelstein

The Kloo-Ascher trail in Bayrischzell

Bayrischzell, the well-known winter sports resort on the south side of the Wendelstein isn’t just a first-class location for skiers. People, especially from the region, know that excellent cross-country skiing is available right on their doorstep. The trails are approximately 800 to 900 metres above sea level which means guaranteed snow and especially during the week it’s much quieter here than at the nearby Schliersee and Tegernsee.

There are trails here around the village and towards the southern Ursprung valley. But the insider’s tip for connoisseurs is the trail in the idyllic Kloo-Ascher valley. This is a trail for nature lovers and connoisseurs which begins roughly three kilometres south of Bayrischzell at the Gasthaus Zipflwirt. From the Zipflwirt it heads right over open meadows, then the trail crosses beautiful woody passages and mainly flat pastures, makes a detour into the quiet valley and in summer it’s possible to head over towards Spitzingsee and the Valepp Almen too. It doesn’t go this far in winter, but far enough for you to wear yourself out a little bit and enjoy the enchanting peace and quiet. A diverse cross-country trail where new charming views into the deep snow-covered forests are waiting for you around every corner. Behind the Kloo-Ascher hut where the summer path leads up towards the Elendsattel, the trail turns a hairpin bend and then heads back out of the valley again. There is nowhere to stop for a bite to eat on the loipe, but that’s not a problem as it wouldn’t fit into this idyllic scenery anyway. At the finish there’s a traditional inn, which was recently lovingly renovated.

What’s charming about cross-country skiing here around Bayrischzell is that you can link up numerous cross-country trails with each other. Endurance cross-country skiers could start in Bayrischzell continue through the Ursprung valley into the Kloo-Ascher valley and / or head off in the other direction from Bayrischzell towards Geitau. There is a ski hire shop right next to the Sport Alm in Bayrischzell, directly next to the trails.

How to get here by public transport

Take the BOB railway (Bayerische Oberlandbahn) from Munich to Bayrischzell. From Bayrischzell there is a cross-country trail bus to the Stocker car park.

Car parking possibilities

Bayrischzell: Car  part Stocker

Tourenverlauf: Kloo-Ascher-Runde

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Kloo-Ascher-Loipe, Bayerischzell

Start / Finish: At the Zipflwirt south of Bayrischzell

Length: 9.7 km

Difference in altitude: 90 Meter

Style: Classic and skating

Website: www.bayrischzell.de

Places to eat: Zipflwirt, Sportalm

Other highlights

Gemütlich ankommen zu Sonderkonditionen

Ihr Weg zu uns – hier finden Sie Informationen rund um die Anreise zu den schönsten Flecken Oberbayerns.

Heimelig Sonnenskifahren zum Freundschaftspreis

Außerhalb der Hochsaison und inmitten der ersten wärmenden Strahlen der Frühlingssonne bieten zahlreiche oberbayerische Wintersportorte ein entspanntes und deutlich günstigeres Pistenvergnügen. Auf den Pisten lässt sich die Sonne aktiv und doch in Ruhe genießen. Sonnenstühle auf den Terrassen der urigen Hütten laden zum Einkehrschwung am Nachmittag ein.

Offers & Tips

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