Wildsteig-Loipe, Pfaffenwinkel

Stunning Cross-Country Trails in Pfaffenwinkel

Wildsteig in Pfaffenwinkel

The gently rolling hillside of the Alpine foothills in Pfaffenwinkel, near to the Romantic Road and the world-famous Wieskirche, a UNESCO world heritage site by the way, are magical conditions to entice you onto the cross-country trails. The Wildsteig has a lot to offer cross-country skiers. At approximately 900m above sea level the snow conditions here are usually very good. And there are several cross-country trails which are just waiting to be discovered. In total there are roughly 22 kilometres of trails which are spread around the village and are suitable for beginners as well as for athletic skiers. A good starting point is the sports clubhouse south of Unterhäusern. You can park there and ski the 5.6 km long circuit around Langenfilz to find your feet, which includes several inclines and descents. This cross-country trail is only suitable for the classic cross-country technique. If snow conditions happen to be poor, then only a short trail will be prepared, which leads northwards from the sports clubhouse to Unterhäusern, makes a small detour there and then heads back again.


Direct access to several cross-country trails

This nice circular route near Unterhäusern can also easily be combined with another cross-country trail further south. A 2.5 km connecting cross-country trail leads directly from the sports clubhouse to Hausen. There are two nice circular cross-country trails there. The trail to the right leads towards Schildschwaig, a 4km long cross-country trail and a very simple circuit. Off to the left a 6km cross-country circuit starts towards Kreut, which is really challenging. In Hausen there is also a short circular trail which is floodlit in the evenings. The pleasant thing about the trails around Wildsteig is the wide variety and choice as well as the possibility to discover this beautiful region on different trails. And whoever wants to stop for a snack or a drink should take the connecting cross-country trail from the sports clubhouse to Ried and then you’ll arrive at the Gasthof zur Post.


Wildsteig-Loipe, Pfaffenwinkel

Start / Finish: Sports clubhouse (Sportheim) at Unterhäusern

Length: 5.6 km

Difference in altitude: 30 metres

Style: classic

Website: www.pfaffen-winkel.de

Stop: Gasthof zur Post

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