Tegernsee: Panoramic views included

Gassler circuit at the Tegernsee

There is no lake far and wide that is so beautifully, so elegantly and so exquisitely incorporated into the mountainous scenery as the Tegernsee. The thought of enjoying this view on cross-country skis is naturally very tempting. And it’s also possible. An appealing possibility is the Gassler circuit, a high-level cross-country ski trail near Ostin, a small village on the north-east shore of the lake near the road towards Schliersee. On this circuit you start at the top and then partially head down towards the lake. To reach the starting point drive up to Ostin from Gmund and then park in the car park next to the Ödberg lift, where you can also rent cross-country skis. The cross-country ski trail starts directly from the car park, runs along next to the access road, and then turns right along the Schliersee Straße and past the Weiler Gasse. Then you head towards the shore with stunning views of the lake and across it towards Bad Wiessee. Just before St. Quirin at the Buchbergweg the trail turns again and loops back on a nearly identical route back towards Ostin.



For beautiful views you need a loipe with differences in altitude

The stunning views are thanks to the exposed location of the loipe but this is also the reason why the trail is very sensitive to snow conditions. Especially just above the shore of the lake the snow melts the fastest. The roughly 10 kilometre trail also offers several downhills and ascents, which is why you’ve definitely earned a bite to eat afterwards. The Ostiner Stub’n on the Schlierseer Straße is a Bavarian gourmet inn. A restaurant fit for the Tegernsee region you could say. Alternatively there is a small food kiosk directly next to the Ödberg lift. Otherwise there are more than enough culinary offerings around the Tegernsee itself.

How to get there by public transport

Take the BOB (Bayerische Oberlandbahn) train from Munich towards Tegernsee and then get off in Gmund. To return either catch the bus or the BOB from Tegernsee towards Munich.

Local car parks

There are car parking spaces in Gmund-Ostin.

Tourenverlauf: Gassler-Runde

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Langlaufen in der Alpenregion Tegernsee-Schliersee

Start/Ziel: Parkplatz Ödberg bei Ostin

Länge: 10 km

Höhenunterschied: 160 Meter

Stil: klassisch und Skating

Web: www.gmund.de

Einkehr: Ostiner Stub`n

Other highlights

Offers & Tips

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