Good history, good thoughts

A philosophical path

This path will inspire you in many different ways. The Philosophers’ path near Garmisch-Partenkirchen is not long and not even difficult. But it does offer you the best views of the Zugspitze and neighbouring peaks, leads you past interesting places and even has benches with quotes from famous philosophers. A path where you can relax and ponder; something you can do very well on your own. You’ll never be bored on this path, which runs from the edge of Partenkirchen to Farchant and is even cleared in the winter.

Normally the route is from Partenkirchen northwards towards Farchant. However the route in the opposite direction towards the south with views of the mountains is also very appealing. Start in style at the St. Anton monastery. To get there walk from the Ludwigstraße in the centre of Partenkirchen via the Sonnenbergstraße and St. Anton-Straße towards the monastery. It’s definitely worthwhile making a short detour to the monastery church to see the frescos from the early 18th century. The path runs through the woods, but occasionally there are also clearings to give you beautiful views of Garmisch-Partenkirchen as well as the peaks of the Zugspitze and Alpspitze.

Along the River Loisach to Farchant

About the height of the Wank cable car next to the Schützenhaus the path turns to the right and carries on northwards to the banks of the Loisach and then to Farchant. At the edge of the village the philosophers’ path ends. Via the Esterbergstraße the path carries on over the Loisach and into the centre of Farchant. The local bus service will take you back to Partenkirchen. Or would you rather carry on hiking in the countryside? Then just before the bridge over the Loisach in Farchant the path branches off to the right to the forest experience trail and to the spectacular Kuhflucht waterfalls. Guided walks along the philosophers’ path are also available.

How to get here by public transport

From Munich, Innsbruck and Reutte there is a regular train service to Garmisch-Partenkirchen. From Munich it’s also possible to catch the Flixbus to Garmisch. Then from the railway station in Garmisch-Partenkirchen catch the local bus service (Number 1 and 2) to the bus stop Ludwigstraße / Schitzschulstraße.

Local car parking facilities

In the Badgasse in Garmisch-Partenkirchen underground parking is available.

Tourenverlauf: Philosophenweg

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Start: St. Anton monastery in Partenkirchen

Finish: Farchant

Length: 4.7 km

Difference in altitude: 149 m

Character: easy and virtually flat hiking path


Places to eat: Schützenhaus

Other Highlights

Offers & Tips

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