Sledging with lots of views near water

In Rottach-Egern on Lake Tegernsee, only an hour away from Munich, Bavaria’s capital, the Wallberg, a mountain higher than 1,700m, is a popular destination in Bavaria. In summer the attractive paths invite you to go hiking or go for a stroll, but in winter the Wallberg beckons with its sledging fun: this is one of the longest natural toboggan runs in Germany, 6.5 km long.


Take the cable car, the Wallbergbahn, and a sledge as luggage (possible to rent one) to the summit. Here you’ll have an impressive view of Lake Tegernsee and the Alps. Before you set off on your sledge how about a bite to eat in the panorama restaurant with a 270 degree glass façade to get your strength up and get you in the mood for your downhill run?

Tobogganing lovers can dive into roughly half an hour of downhill fun and always enjoy a view of the Tegernsee, thanks to the numerous viewing points.


Equipment for safe tobogganing

Good equipment is important for safe sledging fun:

  • Sturdy boots with good profile soles: so that you make it round the corners and can brake properly for the viewing points.
  • Winter clothing: for real sledging fun nothing stays dry. Waterproof winter clothing offers the necessary protection.
  • Helmet: safety is really important, it doesn’t matter on which slope.
  • Goggles: to keep your vision during the speedy descent and so you can enjoy the beautiful views

Half-way down the Wallbergmoosalm entices you to have a short break with mulled wine and music. Together with her family, the landlady and the rustic atmosphere provide the Upper Bavarian conviviality. If you stop for a bite to eat you should certainly try the home-made apple strudel with custard, a real insider’s tip.

Above all with lots of corners, steep sections and woody passages the natural toboggan run is real fun even for experienced adrenaline junkies.

For Natalie Geisenberg, the 2013 World Champion in individual and team tobogganing, sledging down the Wallberg is always a unique experience: “It’s great fun to sledge down the Wallberg, and it even has a sporty character, as the middle section is especially steep, it’s definitely good to brake here.” It’s also important to practise how to brake correctly: place both feet on the snow next to the sledge so that the whole sole is in contact with the ground. Then lift the front end of the sledge with both hands and stay seated. Further useful information about ideal sledging in the snow can be found in the 1x1 Tobogganing guide.

As well as the Wallberg there are other mountains in Upper Bavaria which can be conquered on toboggans too: the Berchtesgadener Land for example offers stretches of varying difficulty near Lake Königsee or in Ramsau. Near Lake Chiemsee the toboggan run on the Balsberg entices young and old alike to go sledging. Best sledging conditions are also available on the Blomberg near Bad Tölz. After the practice run, sledge down from the mid station or the top station through the snowy woods to the bottom again.

Whoever’s tried it definitely knows it's great fun!

Other highlights

Heimelig Sonnenskifahren zum Freundschaftspreis

Außerhalb der Hochsaison und inmitten der ersten wärmenden Strahlen der Frühlingssonne bieten zahlreiche oberbayerische Wintersportorte ein entspanntes und deutlich günstigeres Pistenvergnügen. Auf den Pisten lässt sich die Sonne aktiv und doch in Ruhe genießen. Sonnenstühle auf den Terrassen der urigen Hütten laden zum Einkehrschwung am Nachmittag ein.

Gemütlich ankommen zu Sonderkonditionen

Ihr Weg zu uns – hier finden Sie Informationen rund um die Anreise zu den schönsten Flecken Oberbayerns.

Offers & Tips

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