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Wasser-Radlwege Upper Bavaria

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These highlights await you along the route

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The Oktoberfest Museum

The Beer and Oktoberfest Museum is located in Munich's oldest town house, whose history dates back to 1340. Located between Marienplatz and Isator, the museum is a must for all fans of Bavarian customs.
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Brewery craft today and then

How was beer brewed in the past? The answer to this question can be found in the brewery museum in Altomünster. Once the brewery and malt house of the Kapplerbräu brewery - now a treasure trove of beer: historical brewing equipment and tools, such as a more than 200-year-old manual labeler, tell the story of beer brewing in a vivid way.
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Anyone cycling along the Danube will eventually end up in Ingolstadt- the second largest city in Upper Bavaria. Ingolstadt lives and loves its traditions and, of course, Bavarian beer! The oldest consumer protection law still in force in the world was proclaimed here more than 500 years ago.
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The German Hop Museum

Who actually came up with the idea of growing hops in the Hallertau and how are they harvested? Answers to these questions can be found in the German Hop Museum with films, a giant hop cone, photos and real hop-picking utensils.
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Urban Chestnut Brewery and Au-Hallertau Castle Brewery

Breweries such as Urban Chestnut in Wolnzach prove that Upper Bavaria is not only the home of beer, but also a hotbed of beer innovation. Here, brewing expertise from the USA is combined with the knowledge of a local master brewer. Brewers who love and understand their craft can also be found at the Schlossbrauerei Au- Haltetau, where the best beer has been brewed for more than 400 years. Tip: Beer, history and exciting insights into the two breweries can be found on a brewery tour.
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Even if you have to pedal a little harder to get up the Domberg, you will be doubly and triply rewarded for your efforts. Once you reach the top, a special spot opens up on which the venerable building towers into the sky.
Munich Airport

Airbräu - the airport brewery

A brewery in the airport? Located directly at Munich Airport, visitors from all over the world can fortify themselves after an exhausting flight in the "Airbräu". On schnitzel or suckling pig day, the freshly tapped and specially brewed beer tastes twice as good.
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Munich and its beer

Munich's city center has something to offer for every visitor: from high culture, for example in the form of the Bavarian State Opera, to culinary highlights such as the world-famous Viktualienmarkt or the Hofbräuhaus, to small, hidden, collector's stores.
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Where the asparagus grows

If you are traveling along the WasserRadlWege during asparagus season, you should definitely try it - the king of vegetables, which grows here between April and June. The asparagus weeks are heralded in numerous guesthouses and entire asparagus menus are conjured up on the table.
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Hop and farm tours

At harvest time from the end of august to mid-September, the hop ambassadors take their guests on an exciting journey through their hop gardens and show them what happens to the harvested hop cones on the farm.
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Where the Obazda was invented

Too much Camembert and no fridge - this problem led the resourceful Katharina Eisenreich, who was landlady of the Bräustüberl between 1920 and 1958, to create Bavaria's most important snack classic: Obazda. Pay a visit to the home of the popular snack cheese. Only here is the original recipe known - with a dash of beer.

The WasserRadl sign

This sign conveniently shows you the way along the routes.