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Highlights in the Inn-Salzach region

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Burghausen - the world's longest castle

With a length of 1,051 m and six courtyards, Burghausen Castle towers imposingly over the listed old town with its picturesque rows of houses and the idyllic Wöhrsee lake. A boat trip on the Salzach offers one of the most beautiful views of the ducal city.
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Marian pilgrimage site Altötting

The "Heart of Bavaria" attracts over a million pilgrims from all over the world every year. The Chapel of Grace with the "Black Madonna" is located in the center of the Kapellplatz, surrounded by a chapel walkway with more than 2000 votive tablets and around 50 miraculous images.
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Commercial town of Mühldorf am Inn

With its unique urban ensemble of colorful house facades and arcades in the typical Inn-Salzach style, Mühldorf am Inn is one of the most beautiful towns in Upper Bavaria. The historic Inn ferry still crosses the Inn today as it did in the old days, connecting the town with nature.
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Raitenhaslach Monastery - Baroque jewel on the Salzach bend

The Raitenhaslach Monastery on the Salzach is the oldest Cistercian monastery in Upper Bavaria and enchants visitors with a wonderful combination of architecture, spirituality and nature. As a conference center of the Technical University of Munich, it is now an international meeting place.
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Oberreith wildlife park

A visit to the Oberreith wildlife park is great fun for the whole family. Whether bird of prey demonstrations, flying fox, forest ropes course, observatory or large petting zoo, the beautifully situated park is a true leisure paradise for young and old.
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Lower Inn" European nature reserve

The birdlife in the European nature reserve is particularly impressive in fall and winter! Well over 200 bird species find food sources and safe breeding grounds here. Two viewing platforms invite you to discover the unique variety of birds.

On the banks of the Inn and Salzach rivers

A good forty kilometers east of Munich, the pretty town of Haag i. Oberbayern forms the gateway to the vacation region Inn-Salzach, which stretches all the way to the German-Austrian border. The rivers Inn and Salzach and the trade in "white gold" have brought wealth to the region and shaped the unique Inn-Salzach architectural style with elongated town squares, pretty arcades and magnificent town houses. Historic towns and gems, monasteries and museums, golf courses, excursion destinations, events and adventure activities in the 55 towns guarantee plenty of variety all year round. Discover the region on numerous cycling and hiking trails and enjoy unspoiled natural and river landscapes. But there's also plenty of culinary delights in one of the oldest parts of Bavaria - genuine, authentic, unmistakable!