Scheyern Monastery
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County Pfaffenhofen a.d.Ilm

Highlights in the district of Pfaffenhofen

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German Hop Museum Wolnzach

The German Hop Museum is home to an exhibition covering over 1,000 square meters, where visitors can find out everything they need to know about hops and their history. The development of the green raw material is presented from cultivation to harvest. Affectionately known as "green gold" by the people of Hallertau, hops are used for much more than just beer production. Visitors can embark on an exciting journey through the over 1,000-year history of hops.
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celtic romans museum manching

The kelten römer museum manching is the showcase for the spectacular excavations in the Celtic town of Manching and the Roman military fort at Oberstimm. The modern museum is located directly on the original historical site and can be explored along an archaeological nature trail. Archaeology comes to life in the Celtic Roman Museum. In addition to the original finds, partial reconstructions, models, digital media and an audio guide provide insights into the life of the Celts and Romans.
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Scheyern Monastery

Benedictine monks settled in Scheyern Monastery, the former ancestral seat of the Wittelsbach dynasty, as early as 1119. The town has lost none of its appeal to this day. Art lovers have the opportunity to visit the church treasures, the baroque basilica or the burial places of the ancestors of the Bavarian royal family. The famous "Scheyer Cross", which according to tradition contains a fragment of the Holy Cross, has been venerated here since 1180.
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Wake & Groove Water Sports Park Geisenfeld

If you are looking for a special kind of sporting experience, the Geisenfeld wakeboard and water ski park is just the place for you. The Wake & Groove offers the perfect mix for speed junkies, water rats and family people. Whether beginner or pro, everyone will quickly forget the stresses and strains of everyday life here.
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Upper Bavaria forest climbing park in Jetzendorf

Balancing over bridges, swinging from tree to tree or conquering tricky courses - if you've always wanted to do something like this, the Upper Bavarian forest climbing park is just the place for you. The most beautiful and largest climbing park in the greater Munich area offers climbing fun for everyone between mighty oaks and magnificent beeches.

County of Pfaffenhofen

When the hop plants reach up to eight meters high into the sky in august and the unmistakable scent spreads across the Hallertau, the largest contiguous hop-growing region in the world, it's that time of year again: it's hop season and the district of Pfaffenhofen is right in the middle of it. A variety of events invite you to experience the "green gold" in many different ways. For example, hop ambassadors provide a fascinating insight into the work during their guided tours. Here, visitors can experience at first hand how much effort it takes to get one of the "original ingredients" of beer ready for refinement. Hop enthusiasts will also have a great time at the German Hop Museum in Wolnzach. In addition to hops, the district of Pfaffenhofen is also an important growing region for the "royal vegetable", asparagus. Many direct marketers are based here and sell their produce directly on the farm - it doesn't get any fresher than this. Cycling and hiking - in the district of Pfaffenhofen, they go together as well as hops and malt. Visitors can expect a large selection of hiking trails and themed cycle paths that invite you to enjoy a varied excursion. The consistently signposted routes lead past refreshing ponds and bathing lakes, through river valleys and over hills. Here you can enjoy the special features of nature, coupled with magnificent views and vistas.