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Münchner Umland

The Münchner Umland

There are many reasons to spend some time in the gems of the Munich region. Whether it's the peace and quiet, the multifaceted nature that can be explored on countless cycling and hiking trails or the numerous cultural treasures of the idyllic small towns - the Munich environs have what guests from all over the world and residents of the metropolis long for: Retreats to take a deep breath and recharge your batteries without losing touch with the world. Numerous squares offer a unique view of the city skyline, which is often just a stone's throw away thanks to excellent public transport connections. Gifted painters used to swap their studios in the big city for houses and better lighting conditions in the countryside - this is how one of the most important artists' colonies of the 19th century came into being in Dachau. If you want to completely lose touch with the outside world, you can hike through one of the largest contiguous forest areas without a settlement in Germany: the Ebersberg Forest. Probably the most beautiful university in Germany is located in Freising. Weihenstephan University has advanced from a baroque monastery to a center of "green" science and regularly opens the gates to its show gardens for visitors. Right next door is the oldest brewery in the world, where a well-known Bavarian snack classic was invented. The Jexhof Farm Museum in Fürstenfeldbruck offers a journey back in time to the Middle Ages and life on a farm around 100 years ago. It is also easy to forget the present in the baroque Schleißheim Palace ensemble, which has already served as the backdrop for a Hollywood film. And then there's this place in Erding, which has the best swimming weather all year round ...

Counties in the Münchner Umland

Dachau, Ebersberg, Erding, Freising, Fürstenfeldbruck, Munich

Cities in the Münchner Umland

Dachau, Ebersberg, Erding, Freising, Fürstenfeldbruck, Unterschleißheim

Lakes in the Münchner Umland

Karlsfelder See, Egglburger See, Frontaler Weiher, Pullunder Seen, Pucher Meer, Feringasee

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