Litzau loop
Andreas Klausmann

Highlights from the region

© Wolfgang Ehn


The UNESCO World Heritage Site is probably one of the most perfectly formed rococo churches in the world. Surrounded by the idyllic Bavarian countryside, it attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. Believers, art connoisseurs, music lovers or those seeking peace and quiet - the Wieskirche is a soothing place of power for every visitor.
© Buchheim Museum

Buchheim Museum

Museum der Phantasi: A place that cannot be surpassed in terms of whimsicality, grandiose art and colorful splendor. The extraordinary architecture of the building with its magnificent location on Lake Starnberg is also appealing. The creator and namesake Lothar-Günther Buchheim has truly created a monument to himself and many expressionists.
© Felix Pitscheneder

STOA 169

From the ancient Greek stoa - columned hall, STOA169 is first and foremost just that. The artist and initiator Bernd Zimmer has created an outstanding columned hall in Polling in the middle of nature, close to the natural river Ammer. Each column was created by an internationally renowned artist. 121 in number. Bund, dazzling, provocative, audible, tangible. A total work of art on a world-class level.
Fairytale Forest Schongau

Fairytale forest Schongau

Exhausting yourself made easy. Kids can listen to fairy tales, feed and stroke animals, romp around on playgrounds, ride trains and bumper cars, ride ponies, walk barefoot on trails, visit learning stations in the forest... and there are new attractions every year. There is a snack bar, kiosk and restaurant for refreshments in between.
© Wolfgang Ehn

Pilgrimage Trail Sacred Landscape Pfaffenwinkel

Wonderful paths lead through the Pfaffenwinkel Sacred Landscape to the large and small cultural treasures and places of power in the Pfaffenwinkel. Benches and information boards accompany pilgrims - but also hikers. Because the paths are so incredibly beautiful that you can "just" walk them. The three multi-day pilgrimage trails each start and end on the Hoher Peißenberg, the center of the Pfaffenwinkel.

The Pfaffenwinkel

The gently undulating landscape is typical. A church tower peeks out from behind almost every hilltop. One of them belongs to a special cultural treasure, the Wieskirche. The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Upper Bavaria. But it is not only the rich rococo style that is at home here. On the Auerberg, it was the Romans. In Wessobrunn, the famous Wessobrunn artists, in Steingaden, Rottenbuch and Altenstadt the Guelphs, in Bernried and Penzberg Expressionism with its artist group "Der Blaue Reiter" - to name just a few examples. Even the moon landing in 1969 was broadcast to the whole of Europe via the Raisting earth station. Even today, the earth station is a bizarre sight in the middle of the rural Bavarian landscape. It shows the mentality "between laptop and lederhosen". It is not without reason that global corporations such as Roche Diagnostics are "at home" in Penzberg, embedded in a region that keeps its traditions such as parades, traditional costume pilgrimages and much more alive.