Waginger See
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Waginger See

Highlights in the region

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Historic center of Waging

Waging is the cradle of Bavaria. Tribes recognized the beauty of the region as early as 500 AD. Strolling through the historic town center with its magnificent baroque parish church, stores, cafés and restaurants, guests and locals alike enjoy the relaxed coziness and specialties of the regional cuisine.
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Maria Mühlberg

One of the most beautiful walks in Waging am See leads to the small pilgrimage church of Maria Heimsuchung on the Mühlberg. The ascent is rewarded with a breathtaking view over the Waginger See and the foothills of the Alps.
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Tittmoning Castle

As a landmark and widely visible symbol of former power and greatness, the imposing castle dominates the skyline of the town of Tittmoning. During the historic castle days in august, the entire area comes to life in the Middle Ages. Another gem is the award-winning town square in the typical Inn-Salzach architectural style, including the town hall with its magnificent façade. Romantic watercourses and the meadows of the Salzach river reveal the charming side of the town.
Wellness garden Waging

Wellness garden Waging

The wellness garden and adjoining wellness hotel in Waging am See is a place of peace and vitalization. The invigorating charms of the scented garden and the natural swimming ponds harmonize with the concentrative tranquillity of the Far Eastern Zen garden with teahouse.
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Schönram felt

Experience in an impressive way what happens when nature is left to its own devices. After the end of peat extraction at the beginning of the last century, the Schönramer Filz has developed into what it is today: one of the most important moorland landscapes in Upper Bavaria. Take a break in the untouched nature and enjoy the diverse landscape of the raised bog.
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Waginger and Tachinger See circular trail

The circular route around the Waginger and Tachinger lakes is an extremely popular tour for both cyclists and hikers. Regardless of whether you circle both lakes or just one. The entire circular route is approx. 28 km long, around the Waginger See approx. 18 km and around the Tachinger See approx. 13 km.
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Little adventures

Adventure doesn't always have to be a circumnavigation of the globe, an expedition to Mount Everest or a life-threatening jungle tour. The Rupertiwinkel is a diverse region with unspoiled nature, living traditions and imaginative people who appreciate both. Join us on a journey of discovery and get to know the region's insider tips. There are lots of little adventures waiting to turn your vacation into a great experience.
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Baiuvaren Museum

A visit to the Baiuvarenmuseum Waging is an impressive reminder of the life of the first Waginger and provides information about the history of the Baiuvars. The museum is based on the findings of the archaeological excavations in Waging am See in 1878 and 1988.
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Bergader private cheese dairy

Enjoyment is at home here. In the Bergader cheese counter in Waging am See you can find all Bergader cheese specialties and much more about cheese and enjoyment.

Waging am See

A symphony of rolling hills, lush meadows and light-flooded forests and floodplains, as well as numerous places where water and pristine nature become an experience, welcomes visitors to the vacation region Waginger See. Unique nature and landscape conservation areas such as the Schönramer Filz upland moor, untouched streams and idyllic places where the power of pristine nature can be felt will delight everyone. An exceptional network of hiking and cycling trails combines scenic crown jewels, numerous cultural treasures and culinary delights. Ten first-class lidos and four bathing lakes allow you to get in touch with nature. Families, groups and singles can get to know the warm hospitality, sense of tradition and genuine connection to the homeland at Waginger See at the farms and markets, at traditional festivals, in the farm stores and inns and at numerous events.


Interesting facts from the Waginger See

  • 14 Pedal boats
  • 9 Electric boats
  • 30 rowing boats
  • 29 km of shoreline around Lake Waginger & Tachinger See
  • 20 hosts with private boat hire
  • 10 lidos
  • 7 Camping pitch provider
  • 9 campsites
  • 130 rental bikes
  • Over 160 km of signposted themed cycle paths
  • Over 187 km of signposted hiking trails
  • Around 13% organic land within the ecomodel region Waginger See - Rupertiwinkel
  • 10 certified organic accommodations
  • 5 Garden farmers
  • 6 certified Kinderland businesses
  • 9 brass bands
  • 13 farm stores
  • 643 classified DTV stars

Facts about the Waginger See

  • Tributaries: Tachinger See, Tenglinger Bach, Höllenbach, Schindlerbach, Laubenbach
  • Outflow: Götzinger Achen
  • Length: 6.24 km
  • Width: 1.76 km
  • Maximum sea depth: 27 m
  • Area: 6.61 km²
  • Volume: 90,400 million m³
  • Water quality: excellent
  • Water temperature in summer: approx. 27°C
  • Nature reserve: Yes
  • Barrier-free: Yes