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District of Dachau

Highlights in the district of Dachau

City of Dachau

City of Dachau

Dachau - Once a strategic market town on the trade route between Munich and Augsburg, a Wittelsbach summer residence, an important artists' colony and the site of the first Nazi concentration camp - more than 1200 years of eventful history characterize this lively town on the outskirts of Munich as a place of remembrance and art.
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The historic monastery complex with museum characterizes the town center in idyllic Altomünster. Where monks lived, good beer is usually not far away and two private breweries still cultivate the art of brewing here today.
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Meditative hiking trail "InSichGehen"

This thoughtful hike doesn't just challenge the body. Lovingly designed way stations also feed the mind with fresh thoughts and impulses. The Romanesque church on the Petersberg and Altomünster's baroque church are two important monuments and spiritual sites.
Hans Glas

Hiking trail "BesteGegendPfad"

Marcus H. Rosenmüller's "Best Neighborhood" film trilogy gave its name to this circular trail with a barefoot path, river spring and play stations. Right next to the iconic film location, village history and nature present themselves as a harmonious whole.
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Räuber Kneißl cycle path

Prejudiced pub kid, criminal or folk hero - what kind of person was the robber Mathias Kneißl? You can find out the answers in four stages on the Räuber Kneißl cycle path.
Dachau AGIL e. V. / Florian Bachmeier

Old Bavarian Oxen Trail" cycle path

This cycle route follows the route of a historic oxen drive. Hungarian shepherds drove their gray cattle over 600 km. Today, you can cycle leisurely along this charming section in the Dachau region along the Glonn, Langenpettenbach and Zeitlbach rivers.

District of Dachau

A stay between the Ilm and Amper rivers promises something relaxing for the body, interesting for the mind and simply beautiful for the heart. Between mossy and hilly landscapes, between city experience and village idyll, many small attractions await all those who are open to discovery. Culture awaits you in the churches and small museums, hospitality in the traditional inns and shady beer gardens - and the entire Alpine panorama greets you from the horizon.

District of Dachau - We are the moving life

  • 3 outdoor pools, 12 bathing lakes, 11 youth areas
  • 981 clubs, 3 folk festivals, 102 maypoles
  • 342 ha Trade & industry
  • 11 castles, 125 church towers, 3 monasteries
  • 71 art exhibitions, 27 artists' houses, 12 museums
  • 642 km of cycle paths, 324 km of hiking trails, 849 km of rivers & streams
  • Renewable energies
    • 32 Biogas plants
    • 26 Hydropower plants
    • 8 wind turbines