Ebersberg Forest and Environment Museum
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The museums of Upper Bavaria

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Museums in Munich city center

From the Residenz Museum to the Beer and Oktoberfest Museum: Munich's city center is a paradise for anyone who loves special museums and some of them can be combined with a short walk.

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Culture under the white-blue sky: open-air museums in Upper Bavaria

The numerous open-air museums in Upper Bavaria offer an experience that combines culture and nature. Curious visitors can get a breath of fresh air at the Donaumoos open-air museum or in the Glentleiten Open-Air Museum and learn more about rural life in Bavaria. The Markus Wasmeier Open-Air Museum Schliersee also guarantees its visitors a very special culinary experience thanks to its own brewery.

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Excursion in Upper Bavaria to the Romans and Celts

Archaeology enthusiasts can find out how the Upper Bavarian region was settled thousands of years ago at the Celtic-Roman Museum in Manching. Finds from the Celtic and Roman periods are exhibited there, such as the Celtic gold treasure - one of the largest gold finds of the 20th century - or two impressive, well-preserved Roman military ships.

City of Dachau, Udo Bernhard

Art and history in Dachau

Ideal for a day trip in Bavaria: the Dachau museum landscape - surprises with its diversity and great artists. In the district museum, for example, you can learn a lot about Dachau's history and folklore. Art lovers will also get their money's worth in Dachau: In the Picture Gallery, museum visitors can follow in the footsteps of the Dachau artists' colony, while pearls of contemporary art are exhibited in the New Gallery.

Bad Tölz

The Tölz City Museum

The Bad Tölz town museum presents a cross-section of the history of the Tölz region on three exhibition levels. With a history of more than 100 years, our museum has already undergone several relocations and revisions.

Museums of the district of Upper Bavaria

  • Glentleiten Open-Air Museum: The Glentleiten Open-Air Museum is the largest open-air museum in southern Bavaria.
  • Amerang Farmhouse Museum: The Amerang Farmhouse Museum offers insights into everyday rural life in Chiemgau and the Rupertiwinkel.
  • Open-air museum Donaumoos: The day laborer's house and two moss farms of the Donaumoos are furnished true to the original and can be visited as "museum houses".
  • kelten römer museum manching: The "kelten römer museum manching" is located on the edge of Europe's best-researched Celtic oppidum. It attracts visitors with spectacular exhibits.
  • German Hop Museum: The museum in Wolnzach is located in the heart of the Hallertau, the largest hop-growing region in the world.
  • Wood Technology Museum: The Wood Technology Museum, which is unique in Germany, shows the diversity of wood as a material and the efficiency of wood processing.
  • Holzknechtmuseum: The Holzknechtmuseum Ruhpolding is located directly on the German Alpine Road.
  • Psychiatry museums: Two psychiatry museums sponsored by the district of Upper Bavaria provide insights into the hundred-year history of therapy for mentally ill people.
  • Traveling exhibition: The district's traveling exhibition "Hard Bread - Good Living" shows the changes in working and living environments in Upper Bavaria from 1830 to modern times.
  • Offers for children: Offers for children, young people and families in the museums provide fun and entertainment and impart knowledge in a playful way.

Museum trip to Munich for deaf people.

Articles on Upper Bavarian culture

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