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The Unternberg is Ruhpolding's sports and leisure mountain and promises unforgettable summit bliss in both summer and winter. You can either walk up the mountain or take the nostalgic chairlift in comfort and without any effort. Once at the top, you are rewarded with a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view, from the Central Alps to beyond Lake Chiemsee.
Ruhpolding Tourism

Ruhpolding Leisure Park

The leisure park and fairytale park in Ruhpolding delights visitors of all ages with over 60 attractions and is one of the most popular excursion destinations on Lake Chiemsee. Generations of families with children have already been enchanted by the fairytale world in the fairytale park.
Ruhpolding Tourism

Hikes for nature lovers

Sunny paths meander along crystal-clear mountain streams up to the many rustic alpine pastures or the peaks with breathtaking views. Of course, a Bavarian alpine snack with delicious cheese, bacon or "Obatztem" with farmhouse bread is a must on a hike in the Ruhpolding mountains.
Ruhpolding Tourism

Biking at all altitudes

There are routes for every calf strength between 600 and 1,800 meters in altitude to discover in Ruhpolding. Those looking for leisurely forest trails will find them as well as a large selection of sunny alpine trails and varied bike & hike tours.
Ruhpolding Tourism

Cross-country skiing pleasure with tradition

Cross-country skiing is more at home in Ruhpolding than anywhere else in Germany. The first cross-country ski trail was rolled into the snow here over 50 years ago. Today, an impressive 130 kilometers of trails wind their way through Ruhpolding's glistening white natural landscape.
Ruhpolding Tourism

Chiemgau Arena

The Chiemgau Arena is the sporting heart of Ruhpolding and one of the most modern winter sports arenas in the world. As the venue for over 40 Biathlon World Cups and four Biathlon World Championships, the Chiemgau Arena offers ideal training conditions all year round. The arena is the ideal place to experience athletes up close and spend an unforgettable day with the family.


The beautiful picture-book landscape of "Ruapadings" - as the place is known in the local dialect - is something very special. Because in the south-east of Bavaria, between Lake Chiemsee and the foothills of the Alps, nature spreads out in all its diversity. And right there, surrounded by the peaks of the Chiemgau Alps, the three-lake nature reserve "Little Canada", in the middle of the idyllic Miesenbacher Valley - through which the white Traun babbles - lies the 7,000-soul village of Ruhpolding. As soon as you enter the village with a view of the baroque church, the picturesque Rauschberg and the highest peak in the Chiemgau Alps, the Sonntagshorn, you get a feeling of home. Throughout the year, tradition and customs characterize the life of the Bavarian community and with its unique natural landscape, Ruhpolding is a real tip for all connoisseurs.

Between Lake Chiemsee, the Alpine foothills and the Chiemgau Alps

Between Lake Chiemsee, the foothills of the Alps and the Chiemgau Alps, nature spreads out in all its diversity. A very special spot - in the Upper Bavarian district of Traunstein - is the village of Ruhpolding, located 650 meters above sea level. The famous Chiemsee lake is just 20 kilometers away, and around 10 kilometers to the south - not far from the Salzburg border - is the highest peak in the Chiemgau Alps: the 1,961-meter Sonntagshorn. All around is a natural paradise and water country with wonderful untouched landscapes, inviting you to enjoy and discover.

Arrival & mobility

Car-free travel is climate-friendly travel. And you can do that on your Ruhpolding vacation from start to finish. The historic, listed railroad station is located in the middle of the village. Not only the bright blue Ruhpolding village line departs from here, but also DB Oberbayernbus (RVO) lines. They take you to destinations beyond the region, such as Chiemsee or Königssee, the salt works town of Bad Reichenhall or Reit im Winkl. You can leave your car in the free P&R parking lot right next to the station. So treat your car to a vacation!

Ruhpolding in figures

  • With a municipal area of 148 square kilometers (14,800 ha), Ruhpolding is the fourth largest municipality in Bavaria in terms of area
  • Divided into 55 villages, hamlets and hamlets
  • With an approx. 240 km long network of trails for all nature explorers (hiking and biking)
  • The first cross-country ski trail in the Bavarian Alps was prepared in Ruhpolding in the mid-1960s. Today, 130 km of trails lead past a breathtaking mountain backdrop and set the stage for sporting experiences in the great outdoors
  • In addition, 50 km of varied ski slopes await you in Ruhpolding and the surrounding area
  • The gentle side of Ruhpolding can be wonderfully discovered on the 50 kilometers of cleared winter hiking trails
  • 2 mountain railroads (Rauschberg and Unternbergbahn) raise the feeling of happiness to summit level
  • And the 2 traditional costume clubs (GTEV D'Rauschberger Zell & GTEV D'Miesenbacher) still provide genuine Bavarian customs and events in the Bavarian style

Interesting facts from Ruhpolding

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Ruhpoldinger Ratsch

Whether you are attracted by high peaks and vast alpine pastures , have always wanted to know how to create an elaborate "Gredei hairstyle" or are a true connoisseur of Bavarian cuisine, you are sure to find one or two new ideas on the following pages.