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The district of Landsberg, between Ammersee and Lech impresses not only with its scenic beauty and unspoiled nature, but also with a multitude of idyllic places that make every hike worthwhile. In this unique and historic region in the northern foothills of the Alps, Bavarian and Swabian influences intermingle, which is particularly evident in the Lechrainer dialect. The Ammersee is Bavaria's third-largest lake with an area of 47 square kilometers and offers a wide variety of water sports activities - swimming, sailing, rowing, surfing or steaming. On land, it is the ideal starting point for exploring the artistic treasures and natural beauty of the foothills of the Alps A bike tour or hike through thethis unique landscape, a trip on the steamboat and then a dip in the refreshing water - the Landsberg-Ammersee-Lech region offers the perfect mix of nature, culture, sport and relaxation.

Landsberg-Ammersee-LechRegion of diversity

A town between modernity and tradition: the Lech rushes wildly down the steps in front of Landsberg's promenade. The alleyways and squares around the medieval old town are picturesque. Impressive evidence of the great master builders Dominikus Zimmermann and Hubert von Herkomer. The art treasures in the baroque churches and towers are diverse.

Lake between art and relaxation: swimming with a view of the Alps, relaxing in style at picturesque lidos, enjoying hearty meals in traditional beer gardens, playing sports in the SUP and sailing paradise, discovering old and new art in baroque monasteries and artists' colonies.

Land between natural beauty and summer resort, called Lechrain: Former Roman settlements and Celtic redoubts, hiking trails and cycle tours along the "Via Claudia Augusta", the "Romantic Road" or the "Ammer-Amper Cycle Path". Castles, churches, monasteries and again and again the wild and romantic Lech.