Abbey Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary Fürstenfeldbruck
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City of Fürstenfeldbruck

Highlights in the town of Fürstenfeldbruck

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Church, culture & congress: The Fürstenfeld monastery area

The Cistercian monastery was founded back in 1263 - as an act of atonement by the Bavarian Duke Ludwig II, "the Strict", who had his wife Maria von Brabant beheaded for alleged infidelity. The heart of the site, the monumental Baroque church designed by Antonio Viscardi and co-designed by the Asam brothers, is a particularly impressive example of Baroque architecture with its delicate pastel shades, shimmering gold leaf and opulent interior.
City of Fürstenfeldbruck

Cistercians, town history & art: Museum Fürstenfeldbruck

In the spacious rooms of the former monastery brewery, the work of the "white monks" of the Cistercian order is highlighted. The museum and art gallery are of national importance thanks to their attractive temporary exhibitions.
City of Fürstenfeldbruck, Peter von Felbert

In search of clues: the historic city center

The Amperbrücke bridge connects the monastery area with the historic town center. There, the facades of Bruck's town houses form a listed ensemble. The best way to explore the sights of the Amperstadt is on a city tour.
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Mystical place: Edigna lime tree

Legend has it that Edigna, the daughter of the King of France, sought refuge and lived as a hermit inside the 1000-year-old tree in Puch in the second century while fleeing a planned marriage. In the parish church of St. Sebastian, which is decorated with many Edigna motifs, votive tablets bear witness to Edigna's miraculous work.
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Flying Fox over the Amper: Fürstenfeld climbing island

The high ropes course is located on an inland island in the middle of the Amper. The four courses with over 50 exercises, the base jump from 13 meters into the depths and five rope slides in the Flying Fox around the island provide thrills.
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Sport, fun and relaxation: AmperOase

The AmperOase is located in a beautiful park with mature trees on the Amper river. The indoor pool, outdoor pool, sauna village and ice rink offer guests a wide range of leisure activities at any time of year.

City of Fürstenfeldbruck

The Amper is a source of strength. Locals and day-trippers feel this when they paddle along it on a sunny day, dip their feet in the cool water or swing over it on a rope in the climbing garden.

Whether it's a climbing park, swimming pool or visit to a monastery: a true leisure paradise awaits young and old around the river that meanders through Fürstenfeldbruck. The climbing island is part of a whole leisure area for families that stretches to the right and left of the banks of the Amper. The AmperOase indoor and outdoor swimming pool is within walking distance of the climbing island. There is also a boarding point for stand-up paddlers and boats. And not far in front of it is Fürstenfeldbruck's top attraction: Fürstenfeld Monastery.

If you have a motorhome and would like to stay overnight directly at the leisure area on the Amper, you can use the parking space at the AmperOase.

Fürstenfeldbruck in winter

Fürstenfeldbruck is also worth a visit in the cold season. Take a deep breath and recharge your batteries: a walk along the Amper is a must. This is recommended in the direction of Fürstenfeld Monastery. The Assumption of the Virgin Mary is considered one of the most magnificent baroque churches in the country. And if it gets too cold, simply visit the museum. History comes alive here. Our tip for culture lovers: in the evening, you can enjoy a varied program at the Fürstenfeld Event Forum.

The AmperOase family pool is within walking distance and right next door there is an ice skating rink where you can take a few laps.

Or how about a special alternative in the run-up to Christmas, when the city center is lit up with atmospheric lighting. After a stroll through the stores, numerous restaurants invite you to stop for a bite to eat. Then it's off to the Bruck Christmas market. It attracts visitors with arts and crafts, mulled wine and musical performances.